Database Development

In running any business, data is required and this data is typically spread across the company in different locations and formats in support of different business activities. When it comes to managing this business data, a database-driven software application is usually the best answer. For some businesses, off-the-shelf software exists and this can provide the most cost-effective solution for them. More typically however, off-the-shelf software does not fit the requirements of the business or does not exist at all. This is particularly true of large projects which by their nature are unique undertakings for which no software exists.

A well designed database-driven software application can join up your business processes putting the vast majority of data in one place that is required to plan, enable, monitor and control what your business does. For example, such an application eliminates the need to take information from a working spreadsheet, manipulate it and re-present it as a management report for business decision making. A well designed software application should make this whole process seamless and streamlined, reducing the possibility of human error and reducing time wasted.

Access Intelligent Services specialises in analysing your company’s existing business processes, software and documentation with a view to either improving existing systems or developing and implementing a bespoke software application tailor made for the requirements of your business.